Our Journal

Postcards from a Private Estate

Wolcott Woods showcases all that nature has to offer. When you live in this magnificent community you will be able to send images like these to your family and friends on a regular basis.

Move-ins started at Wolcott Woods

Just last month move-ins started at Wolcott Woods and it’s been wonderful to have residents living at the property. There’s been a buzz of activity with moving vans, new furniture being delivered and family and friends stopping by. Our new residents and their friends and family cannot say enough about how they’re enjoying their new home and how wonderful the property is turning out. Stop by to see for yourself!

The Comings and Goings at Wolcott Woods

I spend a lot of time at the entrance of Wolcott Woods putting out the signs each day, and with each passing week there is more and more beauty to behold.  As I exited the property this week, I couldn’t help but stop and admire the wall of deep pink rhododendrons hanging over a black fence across the street and with the backdrop of the green trees behind them, it’s just magnificent.  And a new addition to the beautiful stone entrance pillars are the lantern light fixtures.  With each day there are more and more finishing touches added to this magnificent property.

The model home is underway!

Set on its own enclave with just one other home, this property has already sold. Both properties will enjoy a beautiful landscaped green adjacent to their front doors not to mention the views.  The model will have a full walk out lower level and complimentary landscaping.

Architectural Details – Wolcott Woods Homes

As the first homes take shape, Wolcott Woods’ remarkable architectural details are emerging.  With the exteriors shingled, the unique architectural flairs can be seen at the base of columns and the corners of the homes.  These fascinating details do not disappoint and carry the discerning viewer’s eye towards the fascinating overhangs and crisp shadowing.  All this was thought through and designed on a piece a paper and it’s amazing to see it come to life.