"Our experience with Northland and LandVest was beyond expectation. In 9 months, we built our new townhouse under the watchful eye of the very capable design team, who guided us through the many choices and allowed us to check on key steps in the building process. We had concerns about building a home during a pandemic, but Northland had that well under control. Their team was a pleasure to work with in all phases of our townhouse build. They were professional, considerate, and responsive. The entire process was phenomenal.

Architectural design elements we like:
1. Private hilltop location
2. Open concept floor plan for comfortable living and entertaining
3. Vaulted ceiling that adds a third dimension to the living area
4 A deck overlooking fields of grass and wildflowers"
D & B
(New Homeowners)
“It’s just beautiful. I think it’s one of the most beautiful communities in Suburban Boston. I saw value there: the historic nature of the setting, the charm of the house I’m buying…I’m looking forward to living there."
(New Homeowner)
“It was Northland’s reputation that drew me to Wolcott Woods. After seeing the quality of their construction at Black Rock and Woodmere, I was convinced that Wolcott Woods should be my new address."
Dr. Ann
(New Homeowner)