News and Updates

Phase I 40% Sold

Phase I 40% sold: The construction activity at Wolcott Woods is moving fast, with the first two homes well underway.  From the sill plate image in early in November when it was 28 degrees and the framers were in sweatshirts, to a full frame and shell three weeks later, the building at Wolcott Woods is impressive.

A Busy Fall

It’s been a busy Fall and as October comes to a close the first two foundations at Wolcott Woods are well underway  Next the framing will start, and the properties will really begin to take shape. With the perfect weather over the last few weeks, many buyers have visited the site to see Phase I and pick out their floor plan design and location.  It’s an exciting time for our new residents to see their homes being built.

Fall is in Full Swing in Milton

We have been incredibly busy talking to interested parties and putting several units under contract.  How exciting to meet with the founding members the Wolcott Woods 55+ community and walk everyone through Northland’s vision of exceptional design with the beautiful and now colorful Blue Hills as a backdrop. There is a chill in the air, and the leaves are beginning to fall. The town of Milton is blanketed in beautiful red and yellow trees, giving it that classic image of New England that you think of when you think of Fall. This year, the leaves are brighter and more colorful than ever. The Blue Hills Reservation, which abuts the site for Wolcott Woods, is so picturesque with the vibrant colors set upon the backdrop of the Boston skyline.

Welcome to Wolcott Woods

It’s opening day and the anticipation has been exhilarating. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get Wolcott Woods, the former Wolcott family estate located on Canton Avenue in Milton, ready to show off! It’s an extraordinary piece of land with gentle slopes and never-ending green space. Working with a team of talented designers, architects and visionaries, Northland Residential has undoubtedly created the best 55+ community in all of New England.

There’s a lot of background preparation that goes into a day like today. Northland Residential purchased the property back in 2016. After two years of planning, the permitting process kicked off in October of 2018. Once approvals were done, designs were created, and plans were made, that’s when we entered the picture to bring Wolcott Woods to you: the public. This weekend we kick things off with an ad in Boston Globe.  We’ve already have had incredible interest, and now we’re looking forward to introducing the property to the public.

We plan to launch the property in phases. When you want to find out where in the project we are and what homes we have available, keep an eye on this site. You’ll be able to explore the four home designs (with two- and three-bedroom layouts) and the three estate homes that’ll be completely remodeled. We’ll showcase the high-level finishes and nuanced details that’ll accent each property. In this journal, you’ll even get to see our on-site progress.

There are a couple aspects to the property we’re particularly excited to dive into. One is the estate’s legacy. The Wolcott family started venturing out to Milton in the mid-1800s as an escape from city life. It’s that history that the architectural and land planning teams have captured in the homes’ designs. Want to learn more about the history? Read on in Illustrious Provenance.

Another area that deserves some exploration is the setting. Abutting the Blue Hills Reservation, where there are 125 trails for the outdoor enthusiast to hike, bike, or leisurely stroll provides the perfect natural amenity to the site. Find out more in Extraordinary Location, Convenient Setting.

There’s so much more we’re excited to share with you in the future, but in the meantime explore our website. Stay tuned for updates in the journal including homes that are sold and when new homes become available.